International Journal of Green Technology – Volume 2

Professor.Dr. Ravindra Pogaku

Abbreviated key title: Int. J. Green Technol.
ISSN: 2414-2077



Efficient Production of Acetic Acid from Nipa (Nypafruticans) Sap by Moorellathermoacetica (f. Clostridium thermoaceticum) – Pages – 1-12
Dung Van Nguyen, Pinthep Sethapokin, Harifara Rabemanolontsoa, Eiji Minami, Haruo Kawamoto and Shiro Saka

Viability of Using Flue Gases as Carbon Source for Microalgae Cultivation – Pages – 13-19
Giovana O. Fistarol, MatheusFarias and Paulo S. Salomon

Analysis of Biosurfactant Production by a New Thermophilic and Halotolerant Bacterium, Geobacillus sp. QT – Pages – 20-28
Wenjie Xia, Hao Dong, Li Yu, Yongqiang Bi and Weichu Yu

Enhancing Firm GHG Reporting: Using Index Numbers to Report Corporate Level Measures of Sustainability – Pages – 29-37
Gale Boyd and Jay S. Golden

Agriculture, the World Population, Global Climate Change and Natural Resources in the Context of Increased Food Insecurity: A Romanian Academic Approach
Part II – Agricultural Research, Global Climate Change, Natural Resources and Food Security
 – Pages – 38-47
Constantin Croitoru