International Journal of Green Technology – Volume 1

Professor.Dr. Ravindra Pogaku

Abbreviated key title: Int. J. Green Technol.
ISSN: 2414-2077



Does the Process for Production Nanoparticulate ZnO Play a Role in its Ecotoxicity?– Pages – 1-12
Hudson C. Polonini, Nádia R.B. Raposo, Humberto M. Brandão, Cauê Ribeiro, Claude Yéprémian, Alain Couté, Yann Sivry and Roberta Brayner

Prediction of the Indirect Advanced Oxidation of Acid Orange 7 using a 3D RVC Cathode for H2O2Production in a Divided Electrochemical Reactor – Pages – 13-20
C. Díaz-Flores, M.L. Alvarez, S. Silva-Martínez and A. Alvarez-Gallegos

Comparative Screening Life Cycle Impact Assessment of Renewable and Fossil Power Supply for a Radio Base Station Site – Pages – 21-34
Anders S.G. Andrae

Agriculture, the World Population, Global Climate Change and Natural Resources in the Context of Increased Food Insecurity: A Romanian Academic Approach
Part I – Agronomic Research, Demographic Explosion and Food Safety – Pages – 35-45
Constantin Croitoru

Treatment of Olive Oil Mill Wastewater by UV-Light and UV/H2O2 System – Pages – 46-53
Gassan Hodaifa, Cristina Agabo, Alberto J. Moya, Rafael Pacheco and Soledad Mateo

Removal of As(III) and As(V) from Water Using Magnetic Core-Shell Nanomaterial Fe3O4@Polyaniline – Pages – 54-64
Qingxiang Zhou, Jingjie Wang,Xiangkun Liao, Junping Xiao and Huili Fan

Assessment of CO2 Injection in Fractured Calcite Rock Clogged by Pseudomonas putida Biofilm – Pages – 65-72
VarvaraSygouni, Georgios C. Dimadis and Constantinos V. Chrysikopoulos