Charging and Discharging of Electric Battery with Thermoelectric Stove (Pages: 40-49)

Yousef S.H. Najjar* and Zakaria A. Mohsen

Mechanical Engineering Department, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Irbid, Jordan





Abstract: Lithium batteries are featured by high specific energy, high efficiency and long life. These properties have made lithium batteries the preferred energy sources for the consumer electronics market with the production of billions of units annually. These batteries are playing a prominent role as ideal electrochemical storage systems in renewable power plants as well as power systems for sustainable vehicles, such as hybrid and electric vehicles.

This work focuses on charging and discharging batteries that store the generated electricity from the TEG to enable using it. One of the most advantage of the stove is that it does’t need maintenance because there is no moving part. Moreover, it should be workable day or night and will not be affected by the weather, the sun or anything other than the solar panels that work only on sunny days.

This will help us to reduce the battery capacity needed. The charging of the battery occurs only when the voltage of TEGs becomes more than the voltage of battery, and It was discovered that at temperature gradients below ΔTTEG= 100 C°, it was beneficial to employ a SEPIC DC–DC converter.

Keywords: Thermoelectric generator, battery, Lithium-ion battery, JUST stove.