Analysis of Adsorption Thermal Storage Device for Solar Energy Storage (Pages: 23-34)

Uroš Stritih and Rok Koželj

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Laboratory for Heating, Sanitary and Solar Technology & Air-conditioning, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Abstract: The main goal of this research was to develop the adsorption thermal storage device for domestic heating system charged by solar collectors and to indicate a new way of storing energy. Main characteristic of the storage system is to retain the energy for a longer period (seasonal storage), as long as the adsorbent and adsorbat are separated. In this research the influence of several parameters on the adsorption heat storage system is performed such as: the quantity of the stored heat, the inlet and the outlet water temperatures, the water mass flow and the saturation of the adsorbent. Adsorbent silica gel HX-13 (sodium aluminosilicate Na2O Al2O3 * 2SiO2) in the form of granule was used. According to the results the conclusion can be made that the low adsorption heat storage is a consequence of low hydrophilic characteristic of the used adsorbent and therefore additional research is needed.

Keywords: Heat storage device, Thermo-chemical heat storage, Adsorbat, Adsorbents, Experiment.