Agriculture, the World Population, Global Climate Change and Natural Resources in the Context of Increased Food Insecurity: A Romanian Academic Approach
Part II – Agricultural Research, Global Climate Change, Natural Resources and Food Security (Pages: 38-47)

Constantin Croitoru

Department of Food Sciences at the Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, Bucharest, Romania



 The second part of the article (see Part I, no 1, pages 35-45) is a critical analysis of the impact of the damage done upon the soil, upon the biodiversity, forests, upon the soil – plant – climate – animal – man – market system and of the sustainable development upon inducing food insecurity to the world population. The introductory part addresses shortly the vital elements needed in combating food insecurity such as the importance of effective management of climatic events, the guiding principles for future sustainable development of human society in order to ensure saving the planet and the importance of biodiversity and aquatic and terrestrial resources. The issue under review highlights the many factors on which future agricultural production depends and that relate to valuing, preserving and protecting the soil, the concepts of biodiversity and agro-biodiversity, the contribution and the multi functionality of forest to life support and food security, causes – effects relations between forests and environment factors, the beneficial ecosystem’s services provided by forests, the impact of nutrients versus xenobiotic chemicals in food, the interactions between science, knowledge and innovation in the network of influence factors upon the crisis in the food system, but also the impact of global sustainable development on preventing food insecurity (with 3 major integrated research themes targeting eight current priorities). In the conclusions’ part are inserted two charts regarding the quality of the food and nutrition reflecting the deepening gap between the populations of the developed and rich countries (normal food security) and the undeveloped and poor (abnormal conditions of food insecurity which is increasing gradually) in the context of the action of the above factors. In this unfavorable context it must be increased the government’s liability and the human solidarity at national, regional, continental and global level.

Keywords: Earth, Human population, Food, Climate change, Food security.