Gassan Hodaifa Meri
(Pablo de Olavide University, Spain)

Food Engineer (Albaath University, Syria), Chemical Engineer (Granada University, Spain) and Dr. by Jaén University (Spain). He works in the investigation lines of Biotechnology of Microalgae, Industrial and Urban Wastewater Treatment, Chemical Oxidation, Membrane Technology, Adsorption Processes, Pesticides Removal, and Biotechnology of Enzymes besides other lines. Participated in 26 research projects (European, National, regional, and with companies), with which it has signed several contracts for research. As a result of this research activities has been published 53 articles, 46 articles in journals included in JCR, 2 patents, 2 books, 27 book chapters, and has participated in 105 Congress and Conferences are most international first class in scope. It has been repeatedly Associate Professor (University of Jaén), and Assistant Professor at the University of Jaén (05/06) and the Complutense University of Madrid (06/09). Now he works in Pablo de Olavide University, Seville (Spain) in the Molecular Biology and Biochemical Engineering Department/Chemical Engineering Area as Professor.